Switch Off to Switch On! Workshops

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Louise’s workshop is completely different to anything that the company has done in the past.  But oh my! It REALLY worked….The creative activities allowed them to get back to what they do and who they are and what they love about their role… I know the group are going to have a special bond after today….”   Louise Searle, Interim HR Director, Visit Britain

You cannot access your creativity without being relaxed, so this fun and flowing workshop does that. Because it works with metaphor, emotionally engages you, switches on your ‘right brain’, it can be used to address many of the key issues confronting businesses and leaders today in particular the need for innovation, resilience and reflection.

I work with innovative companies in the public and private sector, SMEs, women’s groups and associations and have, over the years, conducted ‘Switch Off to Switch On!’ in many different contexts: Cultural Development, Organisational Development, Personal Development, Women’s Issues in Business.  Whatever the situation, I guarantee that participants will find key insights to move them forward.

Here are the key benefits from this workshop for switching on your creativity.

  • Swiftly access new ideas, innovation and thinking for your business
  • Empower and bond your teams
  • Find inspiration, insights and solutions to your problems
  • Learn how emotional engagement improves communications
  • Enhance your presentation skills    
  • Find an antidote to information overload and recharge your batteries

Performance Skills

As part of the creative process I engage the group in performance activities using the arts as well as my skills as public speaker.  This not only enhances their abilities to present, sell,  and communicate, but aids in team bonding.


The team bonding is deepened by the co-creation of a group poem where each participant contributes and which I craft later.  This demonstrates how the individual’s creativity benefits the whole group and captures the unique creative dynamics of the group. It serves as a reminder of our collective experience of creativity, its outcomes and a way for switching off a busy mind and switching on a more relaxed state.

Golden Wheel Coaching TM

Remember, though, that this is a safe – you could almost say sacred – space. I will not leave it littered with messy emotions.  I channel them into something far more useful by asking very simple and very powerful questions based upon the brief. As this is group coaching I draw too on my years of experience as a holistic business trainer.   All my coaching work begins with exploring where you are now; what’s in the way and where do you want to be.  Because we are working with creativity, the resolution to issues and problems is accelerated.

My Golden Wheel Coaching TM process was created more than 25 years ago from my years of research and delivery into how we learn, my work in the field of Accelerated Learning Techniques, bringing the arts into coaching and training; my study as a healer plus the insights and understanding of what makes us tick as human beings as a poet, writer and actor.  As well as my 40 plus years of business expertise.  It is now being developed in a programme to teach others.

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Creativity and the Future

Thinking this is all a tad woo-woo?  Take a look, too, at what Futurologists are predicting about business, society and what we need to be prepared for.  Anne Lise Kjaer – Futurologist and Visionary for one is saying that companies will need to be transparent, focused on whole brain thinking, holistic wellbeing and universal awareness. Since we create our futures in the here and now this does mean that companies need to ensure that they are delivering not only their best performance, but the right performance to meet these challenges and change.

Then let me bring in the scientific heavyweights.  Brain experts in Arizona, Columbia, London, Montreal and Oxford have all, by a myriad of different routes, come to the same conclusion.  Far from being the lowly, primal seat of suppressed desires and even darker instincts, the unconscious is in fact a sophisticated powerhouse that designs and implements rapid and efficient strategies.[1]  Wow, we can have a sophisticated powerhouse on our side: what’s not to like?

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[1] BBC2 (13 March 2012), ‘Horizon’

**Lepore SJ, Smyth JM (eds) (2002) The writing cure: How
expressive writing promotes health and emotional well-being.
Washington, DC: American Psychological Association