“Louise’s Switch Off to Switch On! Creative Business Coaching workshop is completely different to anything that the company has done in the past.  But oh my! It REALLY worked.  Everyone really gave it their all and enjoyed themselves too.  The creative activities allowed them to get back to what they do and who they are and what they love about their role.  Everyone opened up so thank you for creating that space!  You really brought out everything from the group, including me.  I know the group are going to have a special bond after today and that they are going to start the small steps with the support from everyone else.” Louise Searle, Interim HR Director, Visit Britain

“A powerful and unique way to opening up deeper insights into important personal and business challenges.”  Nick Brice, 360 Degree Vision Training & Development Ltd.

“I have never considered myself to be a poet but Louise Taylor’s joyful Swith Off to Switch On! workshop convinced me that we all have at least one poem inside us.  Her inspiration, intuition and experience as a performance poet shone through as she guided us through intriguing creative exercises and reflections that allowed us to gently tease out some profound insights and realisations in a safe and embracing space”.  Beverley Glick Writer, Editor, Story Archaeologist, Life Coach

Poetry and I have never been the best of friends, which is weird because I’ve earned most of my living as a wordsmith and copywriter.  I loved the way that Louise introduced us to poetry in a non-threatening, non-competitive way and created a space in which we felt free and encouraged to experiment.” Elaine Hopkins aka The Redundancy Crusader 

“This workshop reminded me how valuable creativity is to our daily lives.  It opens up new paths to areas as yet unexplored or lying dormant.  Louise is fun, engaging and inspiring”.Jackie Arnold Executive and Career Coach & Trainer, Author,

 “Louise is a unique individual who combines an exuberant vitality and energy for all things creative most of al the written word, with a passion and enthusiasm for developing people  and organisations.  I asked her to provide a taste of her ‘Switch Off to Switch On!workshops in September 2010 and it was extraordinary – very different form any past experience that I had of doing creative work with groups before, thoroughly enjoyable and a really emotional and insightful morning.  She can be guaranteed to offer a challenge from left field, can be disarming, is utterly charming and is a pleasure to know and work with”.  Patrick Ballin Director, Executive Coach and Principal Consultant, One Mile Ltd,

 “Louise Taylor is a great song-writing coach!”  Maria Bermudes, artist, musician, healthcare business owner

“Running your own business can be quite a daunting process. It’s so great to meet someone like Louise who can listen with her heart and steer with her soul. Suddenly your back on track and all obstacles fall away. The VIP Intensive is a must for all entrepreneurs who get a little stuck. LK

 “Take a bow, Louise!”  Lynda Kelly Photography

 “Louise helped me gain clarity with a problem relating to my dissertation for an MA I was trying to write.  She enabled me to understand the blockage and to work around it.  I am more than grateful for her patience and empathy, and would highly recommend her to individual’s and organisations that need to seek truth”.  Francine Winch Principal Creative HR Consulting

“Empowerment in all aspects of my life is the direct result of Inspirational Coaching and I have also had fun!”  IS, Counsellor and Therapist

“Louise is a gently and fun teacher who uses a variety of material in her sessions making them exciting and creative”.  DM, Management Consultant and Counsellor

“My life went POW!  I feel focused, energised and supported”. SD, Businesswoman

“A wonderful knack of tapping into one’s inner blockages ….. I thoroughly recommend her!” KT ,Mother and Artist

 “Louise coaches with such a flow of natural humour that this enables swift transformation in a fun way”. KC, Teacher, Healer and Therapist

“Louise quickly and accurately identifies the problem, its root and the right solution…”. KRM T V Presenter

 “ …. that I could reassess my abilities/strengths and vision and start to make fresh decisions”. GP Actor and Trainer

“Your ideas and suggestions on how I can promote my work were most welcome and have fired me with a new enthusiasm”. JF, Artist

“A realisation that I must do something about my life and get moving”.  PF Retired

“Terrific … involved… mentally stimulating . made me realise that it’s not a scary experience to make speeches”.  AB Businesswoman

“Very informative … confidence builder”.  DC Businessman

 “Louise changed my life!”. KS, Businessman

“You were voted best guest speaker ….”  Making Interviews Child’s Play – Talk for Nannies World Conference.

“You have done Edelman proud”.  David Davies, Chairman of Edelman PR – Talk for The Samaritans Annual Conference.

Patch Adams, Clown Doctor, The International Humanitarian, and founder of The Gesundheit Institute. Patch has been both an inspiration and a mentor for many years and has shown me the many medical benefits of using humour and creating laughter in my work.  He says this of my work:

”…the world so needs your messages….”



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