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e4bc41f6-7f4d-41ec-899b-1d49fcde581bIn all heroines’ (and heroes’) journeys a wise guide features in the story at key turning points.  This is where coaching enters your story. At some stage in our heroine’s journey in business “Groundhog Day” is far from being a fantasy.  We live the same day over and over again; not necessarily because we want to, but because we don’t know how not to.  We don’t know what’s in the way and how to do things differently.   If we’re paying attention, we’ll notice that we feel like this:

When you’re stuck

In a rut

With a belly

Full of jelly

That turns you inside up

Take a drop of joy

These are lines from my poem ‘Shout the Sun’.  My prescription’s right there in the last line: ‘a drop of joy’.  That’s what I do.  I lead you into your creative space where you can reflect, relax, recharge. The coaching process enables you  to examine the dynamics of your leadership and personal development; or those of your business and often both. I help you to “…quickly and accurately identify the problem, its root and the right solution…” and I coach  “….with such a flow of natural humour that this enables swift transformation in a fun way”.  Hey presto, you’ve moved from Planet Stuck to Planet Flow!

Bespoke Coaching

We begin by determining where you are stuck and why; do we need to nourish you, your business or both? Uncertainty, isolation, perspective; work/life balance; the direction of your business, expanding your marketplace, communications -  are some for instances. The length of the programme is determined by that.  Some issues can be resolved in 4 sessions; others I’m on board for up to 12 months.

Then together we source the solutions and actions needed to ensure that you can arrive on Planet Flow:

  • Identify personal blocks, overcome fear and seek new behaviours
  • Find clarity for any key business issues
  • Tackle areas where lack of expertise is causing a confidence issue
  • Source new resources
  • Look at the challenges of being in transition
  • Release stress, energise and inspire you

Bespoke coaching is a mix of face-to-face, e-mail, phone and Zoom. Fees are by agreement depending upon the length of the programme and its content.

Free Discovery Session

It’s important for both of us that, right from the very beginning we build rapport – that quality that can be so elusive in the everyday, but is absolutely fundamental in coaching.  Also, because we’re going to be travelling together, I like to make sure that we’ve got the basics covered: departure point, arrival point, intervening obstacles.  So we begin with a no commitment free Discovery Session during which you experience the coaching and mentoring.

The Creative Space

I’m an in-the-moment woman by nature; also an in-the-moment coach by choice.  I genuinely believe that working together in the same physical space facilitates creative change.  And when I say ‘physical space’, I don’t just mean the four walls of a room.  We’re embarking on a journey together, and the scenery we pass through has a role to play.  That’s why we’ll sometimes be in the great outdoors, inviting nature to nourish us as we go.

“But if I truly hear you, if I listen and connect with you, you may be able to hear yourself say something which gives you insight.

 Listening is a communication skill that can be learnt.  I offer ‘the art of listening’: one of my gifts.  Listening is about inhabiting your clients’ landscape and exploring it with them.  What their perspective is on the issues and why they behave or believe as they do.

We have two ears and one mouth and that’s the ratio I use in listening to my clients and a formula we all need to follow.  The Art of Listening is like being a radio – I tune into which ever station my client needs me to listen from for what ever stage they are on in their journey. :  I listen to language – the script you use to communicate with; your energy; body language which will reflect the former; help you uncover your inner scripts by which you live by and which contain your beliefs and behaviours.  The Art of Listening applies as much to your business as it does to your life.  Here I tune into the experience station – think Radio 4! – and delve into my bag of expertise.


My intuition is fine honed from more than 21 years of meditation and personal development.  I follow my intuition, wherever it takes us, which together with my experience and The Golden Wheel and The Diamond Compass – a guide to balancing your energy - secure in the knowledge that these and the pole star guiding my intuition will always be what’s in the best interests of my clients.

For one-to-ones, I work with M.D.s of SMEs, creative professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives who find themselves in need of nourishment in order to be their authentic selves, deliver their best performance and arrive at the success they seek.

Call me for an informal chat or to book your free Discovery Session on

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