Inspirational Talks

“We can all be creative: creativity is as much about how we areas it as about what we do.” 

As you’d expect my talks have a theatrical style to them, are interactive, emotionally engaging, and fun!  I seek to not only engage minds, but hearts too!  Being on stage is where I feel at home.  The talks do of course draw upon my spoken word as a performance poet, as well my comedy skills as a stand up and playwright.  I draw upon these skills as a guest speaker both on-line as well as on stage. 

Over the years, I’ve delivered inspirational and interactive talks at business conferences, events, for groups and at festivals both to promote my business and as keynote speaker.  I was “…voted best guest speaker ….” at a conference for 800 nannies where I use role playing, audience participation including visualisation and affirmation exercises.  And in my former life as a corporate PR consultant, changed the minds of an audience at a charity’s annual conference about the benefits of PR resulting in my speech being copied to all the staff of the global PR company and a significant contract. My signature talks are:

For women’s groups:

Finding Your Inner Handbag  

A seminar style presentation that invites the audience to discover some key issues to recovering their inner power through the metaphor of handbags!

The Heroine’s Journey in Business – Recovering Your Inner Power  

Exploring the ways in which creativity, story, metaphor, and poetry together with the key principles of The Golden Wheel enable you to make the changes needed to recover your inner power. This draws on extracts from my forthcoming book.

Learn what happens  When Poetry Collides With Business:

For conferences and events:

When Poetry Collides with Business – Change Happens 

Why poetry is a key resource for business communications, managing change swiftly and leadership – discover how Switch Off to Switch On! can benefit your business and what happens when poetry collides with business.

Why Businesses Need Creativity 

Looking at the ways in which creativity benefits the management of change, employee engagement, productivity and well-being using The Golden Wheel Principles to engage the mind, story, and metaphor to engage the heart.  

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