Enrich Your Day

One of the exercises I invite my audiences  – as a guest speaker, but sometimes as a performance poet – and my clients to do is to smile from their toes. To get them out of their heads and back in touch with their bodies I remind them where they may be located – at the end of their legs, attached to their feet!

The next step in the exercise is to encourage, cajole, allow that smile to roll up from their toes through the rest of their bodies – pausing to really anchor the smile in their solar plexus – which is where most of us get stuck in our daily lives and carry our stress – and to finally allow it to emerge in their lips, not forgetting their eyes!    Here’s how a smile not only enriches your day but others by that famous writer Anon…

 A smile cost nothing but gives much.

It enriches those who receive, without making poorer those who give.

It takes but a moment, but the memory of it sometimes lasts for ever.

None is so rich or mighty that he can get along without it, and none is so poor but that she can be made rich by it.

A smile creates happiness in the home, fosters goodwill in business and is the countersign of friendship.

It brings rest to the weary, cheer to the discouraged, sunshine to the sad, and it is nature’s best antidote for trouble.

Yet it cannot be bought, begged, borrowed or stolen, for it is something that is of no value to anyone until it is given away.

Some people are too tired to give you a smile.

Give them one of yours, as none needs a smile so much as she who has no more to give.

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Laughter and Wellbeing

‘Laughter is the language of the soul!’ Pablo Neruda

I take my work as a comedy writer and performer seriously!  Many hours of effort go into the punch line of a poem or a gag.  It’s also possible to kill that one line with the wrong timing or emphasis when it’s being performed.  Sometimes I’m certain that what I’ve written must be funny as it makes me laugh: usually I’m right, but not always.  Other times I’m convinced that this ain’t funny at all – only to discover when I try it out that I’ve got my audience laughing away.   There is a particular pleasure – and relief – when you hear that sound.  Not least because it means that I’ve achieved what I set out to do, but also because I know of the health benefits that occur when we laugh.

When I was asked to write an article for The Association for Therapeutic Healers (www.healers-ath.org) about laughter and its benefits to wellbeing because I use fun and humour in my coaching work, as well as being a comedy writer and performer, I set off in search of what happens to our body-mind when we laugh. Fortunately, I had been introduced to the work of Patch Adams (www.patchadams.org), the international humanitarian and clown doctor, sometime before. His work with the sick and dying, particularly children is humbling.  I wrote to him, attended one of his clown doctoring workshops and he became both an inspiration and a mentor.  Watch the eponymous movie starring Robin Williams – a comic genius – if you want to see some of the ways in which he creates laughter and its effects on patients’ health.

There’s a fascinating catalogue of benefits to laughing and its effect on our mental and physical well being.  And you need to bear in mind that it’s contagious too!  Laughter reduces stress, eases muscle tension, increases the body’s T-Cell count, boosts mental function, increases pain tolerance and that’s just for starters!

Studies of antibody production have also shown that the stronger a person’s sense of humour, the more resistant that person’s immune system will be to the effects of stress.  While stress tends to impair immune functioning, subjects whose sense of humour was assessed on standardised psychological scales as being high were less affected by stress than those who scored low.  Humour, as Donna Eden (www.innersource.net) describes in her book Energy Medicine jump starts your strange flows – that’s your inner Mum!.

Here’s my prescription for when your inner grump is taking charge take some time to watch or listen to your favourite comedian, comedy show or read a funny poem. It’s important to remember that:  “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a downcast spirit dries up the bones.” (Proverbs 17.22).

Steering with Creativity


“Nothing is ever out of reach!”  I’ve started this blog with the last line of my poem Shout The Sun to establish my credentials as a creative doing it her way. The poem contains essential guidance to remind you of what’s really important and where you need to be to find your creativity and what to do when the going gets tough.  I try to remember to follow my own wise words and of course encourage my clients to do the same.

Creativity is my raison d’etre, what floats my boat and what comes from my heart, mind and soul.  This is my purpose and I even have a Creativity Manifesto – as everyone can be creative.   It flows into my work as a creative business coach for which I created The Golden Wheel and as a performance poet and comedian, both of which feature directly and indirectly in my coaching.  In essence, I  nourish my clients businesses and help to steer them from Planet Stuck to Planet Flow be they heroine, hero or teams so that they can be their authentic selves, delivering their best performance and arriving at the success they want.

I’ve been doing it my way for more than 21 years and so a book by the brilliant Judith Morgan entitled Your Biz Your Way is one after my own heart. Judith has steered me away from pitfalls and through problems and back to my true self and right direction, so I was thrilled to have something encapsulating her wisdom and ways in my hands for ready and frequent reference.  Her book frequently reminds me of what I know already, but may have forgotten, what I need to know at certain times when one serendipitously opens it at the right page and what I know I know but would rather circumnavigate as it represents doing one of those tasks that all entrepreneurs need to do but dislike.

I’m still not sure whether I fell or was pushed into self employment some 30 years ago but it was my mid-life crisis and I was sure as hell going to have one – so I did.  Seeking a mentor as the newly birthed PR consultant setting up her own consultancy after a successful corporate career proved to be impossible in late 80s.  This didn’t stop me being successful professionally and to my surprise I had a blue chip client list, staff and a Mayfair office within six months.  My learning curve was on the job, stumbling and falling as I went and I floundered a lot with the work/life balance.

My business model back then was trying to run it the way I’d seen my bosses do – their way.  It wasn’t until an ‘aha’ moment when my purpose presented itself some 3 years into my consultancy that suddenly ‘my way’ began to emerge along with the right mentors and later coaches.  That was when I realised I wanted to make a difference by helping people to grow.  Suddenly doors opened up in ways I could not have imagined and I found myself moving into the world of holistic business training and consultancy, back when much of what is now mainstream thinking and practice was considered ‘woo woo’ or just unnecessary.

To my delight I discovered that my creativity and my life long passion and involvement in the arts became my guiding light in creating and delivering holistic business workshops for 100s of entrepreneurs and companies – SMEs, private and public sector – and subsequently for the creation of my own business model and coaching process. This again was long before coaching became the accepted business skill that it is today. It was a delight to be able to use my extensive expertise and the wisdom I’ve learnt from my own journey in business too.

Being a practical and pragmatic business woman I researched why what I was doing was having such good results and participants were having so much fun!  Well lo and behold, I was working with the whole person, enabling them to work with both sides of the brain and to learn new stuff and change in the way that we all did as children by emotionally engaging them and their senses. Throw into the mix my sense of humour and my natural comic timing and you have a recipe for making even the toughest changes fun. Bringing a sense of humour and laughter into business was probably one of the best lessons I learnt from a former boss – not to take it too seriously.

Some 30 years from that mid life crisis, I am doing it ‘my way’ with a surety that’s comes of long experience, many mistakes and challenges and because what began as holistic business training has now evolved into a holistic business model, a coaching process and programmes under the name of The Golden Wheel.  I’ve even created a Diamond Compass to show clients – and me – where and how their energy is being used and what to do to rebalance it.

It is the wheel that steers my clients lives and businesses to continued growth.  We use it either to focus on the development and dynamics of the business or the growth of the person or people in it and often both.  There’s a neat solution finder incorporated into it as well – so that when your stuck the Golden Wheel will reveal where, why and what to do.

In my work with corporate and groups, the arts take centre stage with my signature workshop Switch Off to Switch On! which opens up participants creativity using the transformational power of poetry – another of my passions.  This is fused with my coaching to enable them to return to ‘who they are, what they do and what they love about their role’ and it nourishes the team spirit.  My coaching is tailored to my clients’ journeys and delivered as programmes to ensure they discover greater resources within, as well as being nourished to deliver powerful performances.

Creativity helps my clients with many different personal and business challenges:  from helping leaders with their strategic thinking by showing them how creative thinking nourishes it; clearing blocks to change; clarifying the vision; inspiration and ideas; how to create emotional engagement for employee engagement;  and to be in the creative space means you have to relax. Even futurologists are staying that business will need to be focused on whole brain thinking and holistic well being.  Brain experts have found that our unconscious mind where creativity hangs out is a sophisticated powerhouse. I have a book on its way, called The Heroine’s Journey in Business. Some things seem to take for ever to change and it’s tough hearing stories that you lived thru as a women in business back in the 70s in 2018!

The Golden Wheel steers my own business and personal development. I know what to do and who to turn to when there are storms, squalls and sudden opportunities that could throw me off course or when I cannot hear my intuition.   It and creativity have enabled me to fully inhabit my role as ‘grey raver’, there is a certainty that comes from truly knowing who you are and being comfortable in your skin – slightly lined thought it may be! – and that life will always be a work in progress.

We arrive back where we started with my poem Shout The Sun – which is also the name of my website. A poem will always go to the heart of the matter, transform the global to the personal and make sense of a world that too often rattles the bones of madness.   I know and research supports it that by reading a poem you can reduce your stress, breathe and reflect. I’ve achieved one of my dreams of being published  – You Can’t Cook a Poem Like an Egg! – is my first collection. In it, I touch on many of life’s issues – love, life, death and rock ‘n’ roll!  Shout the Sun was inspired by an 11 year old friend but its tale is as relevant for adults as it is for children.

Shout the Sun

(for Liam, aged 11)

When life is tough

and full of stuff

not wanted,

scheme a dream!


Yip yap!

Rip rap!

Twist and shout!

There’ll be no doubt

you’ll win through.

When you’re stuck

in a rut

with a belly

full of jelly

that turns you inside up,

take a drop of joy,

become your favourite toy.

Leap and lark

from dawn til dark,

look up not down,

be the clown.

Wander barefoot in the sand,

feel the fun inside your hand!

Plick pluck it,

tuck it

under your chin,

take a break,

be a snake,

wiggle your toe,

then let go!

Shout the sun!

Be your fun!

Sparkle star on the beach,

nothing is ever out of reach.





Performance Poetry

You Can’t Cook a Poem Like An Egg!


* Words, freshly laid in your heart’s hearing

ensure they’re free range

not stopped by the glottal of mundane life

* Freshly squeezed passion

* An abundance of ideas

* Emotions – a pint or two

* Sprinkling of commas

* Teaspoon of full stops

* Time measureless

* One Laptop or PC

* Notepad and pen



Close the door,

switch off the mobile

and yesterday’s unfinished tasks

remove the mask of doing, doer

sit carefully and comfortably


fresh tea, coffee, a glass of wine to hand.

Caution: keep the critic out of The Poet’s Kitchen.



Pour ideas into your creative bowl.

Crack open the words and stir gently.

Pour in emotions engaged in memories.

Add a smidgen of colourful vocabulary

tho this isn’t always necessary.

Mix, taste, adjust.

Leave to stand.

Sip tea,

Stand, stretch, have a pee!


Dream and drift,

As you sift

these first stirrings.

Go walkabout!

Listen to the cat purr; count raindrops,

Ponder, reflect but remember,

you can’t cook a poem like an egg.

Let it simmer in the slow heat

of your unconscious mind.


Sieve cold commas, fruity full stops,

exuberant exclamation marks, one or two will do.


Now carefully lay your mixture on to your laptop or PC.

Set at one and half line spacing.


It is now in need of some correction

stirred by your laid back reflection;

type, delete,

ignore being neat.

It is now in need of more correction,

stirred by your critic’s interjection;

type, delete, try being neat.

Use butter greased verse cutters,

Stifle the critic’s mutters.


Turn down the flame of your inspiration.

Hungrily print out,

Smothering the doubt

that your poem is half baked.


Nod sagely, sip dregs of wine.


You know you’ve cooked your poem.

Serve with no garnish, just as it is.


Louise Taylor ©  You Can’t Cook a Poem Like an Egg !

Louise – and Iona Jette’s – first collection of performance poetry and blogs about creativity, business and poetry.  Available on www.amazon.co.uk.


Why Businessess Need Creativity

Creativity.  It’s powerful, personal and present – in all of us.  Sadly, many of us leave behind the bold, vibrant, vital force that is creativity when we leave childhood. What often blocks us, leaving our creativity shut down, is that we have forgotten the need to ‘view the intuitive mind as a sacred gift and the rational mind as a faithful servant.’ (paraphrased from Albert Einstein’s writing: Bob Samples, 1976).

Your intuition, your essential business compass hangs out in your creative mind. If you allow your creativity to open up, ‘hearing’ those hunches becomes easier and clearer.  Creative people are more at ease with the unknown. A fear of uncertainty can cause untold stress and lead to poor decision-making.

What surprises many linear thinkers is that the seeming chaos of the creative process has boundaries.  In that chaos there is the intention of creating something and control has to be let go of in the creative space.  When I want to write a poem I have to allow my intuitive, metaphoric mind free rein, knowing that with reflection and editing – the boundaries – I will create one.

Resilience is another benefit of creativity; vital in today’s climate if you are to meet the challenges that are inevitable in business.  Reflection is second nature to the creative mind.  All artists know that if they put something to one side and allow the unconscious mind to work on it, the next step presents itself easily.  The same applies to business problems and personal development in business.  Understanding the benefits of being in the flow versus direct action (feminine/creative thinking vs. masculine/linear thinking) can reap benefits for entrepreneurs and business leaders alike in a rapidly changing world, since it can ease stress and present solutions.

Business skills can be learnt – by our intellect and through experience – but a creative approach to learning any new skill will ensure it is learnt more swiftly and anchored more easily – and involves fun!  Which leads to the huge healthy benefits of laughter, for without relaxation your creativity cannot be accessed.

If you want your self and your business to flourish take the time to honour your creativity and remember: You Can’t Cook a Poem like an Egg!

Louise Taylor ©  You Can’t Cook a Poem Like an Egg ! Louise – and Iona Jette’s – first collection of performance poetry and blogs about creativity, business and poetry.  Available on www.amazon.co.uk.