‘Follow Your Bliss’

Joseph Campbell, American Mythologist, Writer and Lecturer

Following my bliss is why I do what I do with my business.  I’m able to draw together the two things I love to do and am passionate about:  creativity – poetry, comedy, and theatre – and helping people be the best they can be and to grow their businesses.  Here’s why I believe business needs creativity.

Louise Taylor

My clients can draw upon my four decades (and counting) of business experience, expertise, and insight, as well as all the life challenges I’ve had to face and overcome.  I’ve worked with hundreds of MDs, SMEs, entrepreneurs, blue-chip companies, and charities in a wide cross-section of industries and sectors. And I’ve been taking creativity first as a holistic business trainer then as a Creative Leadership Coach into businesses for more than 25 years.

My backstory begins with my corporate career in PR and I’ve run my own consultancy. I helped people to build their businesses by getting their words – their stories – right for their target audiences – be that clients, employees, or stakeholders.  I discovered too, a gift for changing minds, inspiring, and educating through my creativity in the form of keynote speeches (link to testimonials/speakers page).

I had an ‘aha’ moment at that mid-life crisis age and knew that what I wanted to do was help people to grow. I found myself being offered the opportunity to be a holistic business trainer – at a time when holistic was consider ‘woo woo’. I learnt to meditate and to do creative visualisation – which I’ve been doing for more than 25 years too. These resources enable you to listen more deeply, to hear your intuition and aid well-being, and they enable me to steer my clients through their challenges more easily.

I discovered that the arts (poetry, comedy, improvisation, storytelling) – which I’ve been involved in most of my life – (link to performance page) are a powerful tool for helping people to navigate their way through change and to learn more easily.

I began with other people’s stories and poetry to help people work with their whole brain, to emotionally engage with themselves and to changing beliefs, behaviours – because change is an inside job – and I make it as much fun as possible. From this I created my Creative Leadership Coaching process together with The Golden Wheel Coaching and Business Model.   My signature work – Switch Off to Switch On! and Recovering Your Inner Power followed, but now using my own performance poetry and stories to open up people’s creativity to manage change.

I am writing a book about managing change creatively called The Heroine’s Journey in Business: Recovering Your Inner Power.

Let me conclude with a few words on why I believe Creativity is so important.

Many of us leave behind this bold, vibrant, vital force when we leave childhood. I’m here to tell you that this matter.  Why?  Because ‘Our Creativity enables us to grow and develop; it emotionally engages us to our intuition, our heart, and our feminine consciousness, enabling us to act out of love and to step into our authentic self’. *

There is a certainty that comes from truly knowing who you are and being comfortable in your skin and that life will always be a work in progress.

*Point 6 in my 8 point Creativity Manifesto.